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ST PAUL-LEZ-DURANCE, France (14 May 2022) – Dr Bernard Bigot, Director-General of the ITER Organization passed away on 14 May 2022 due to illness. An inspirational leader for more than four decades across multiple fields of science and energy, his personal dedication and commitment to ITER over the past seven years shaped every aspect of the project. While his untimely passing will be felt as a tragic blow to the global fusion community, Dr Bigot’s careful design and preparation of the ITER senior management team in recent years gives reassurance of the project’s continued success. His deputy, Dr Eisuke Tada—a widely respected leader in the fusion community and a seasoned veteran from ITER’s earliest days—will take over leadership of the project while the ITER Council launches the search for a long-term successor to Dr Bigot.


​To push forward the ITER Project and deepen cooperation between China and France in the nuclear fusion energy field, the Ministry of Science and Technology (“MOST”) of China and the Atomic Energy Commission (“CEA”) of France successfully held a meeting on bilateral cooperation in nuclear fusion energy in France from January 12 to 13, 2017.


A delegation led by Zhao Jing, deputy head of the Chinese Domestic Agency, delivered some 40 kgs of textbooks and teaching materials to the Chinese section of the Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur International School on Friday 8 July.


1st​ Technical Workshop on CN-EU Fusion Collaboration was Held in Chengdu on 23rd January, at the event of which nearly 20 Chinese and European fusion research institutions' representatives gathered to discuss the cooperation plan.


A joint delegation of key representatives from the Chinese Ministry of Science and Technology (MOST) and the Chinese ITER Domestic Agency (ITER China) visited F4E in Barcelona and Garching in September, 2017.


On March 13th, 2017, CNDA held a ceremony to mark the ending of the 10 years' trek for the superconducting strand manufacturing in Xian, a capital city lying in the northwest of China. More than 100 representatives from ITER Organization, the local government, enterprises, and institutions were on the occasion to draw on the experience and celebrate the success. CNDA undertook around 69% manufacturing task of the ITER PF conductor NbTi strand and 7.5% manufacturing task of the TF conductor Nb3Sn


​China-France cooperation in the involvement and implementation of ITER Project and research on frontier nuclear fusion technologies has produced positive outcomes and paved the way for stronger bilateral cooperation in science and technology.


Beryllium-tiled “fingers” from China—part of a semi-prototype of the ITER blanket first wall—have performed successfully under high heat flux testing at a dedicated facility in Russia. The test results confirm that the joining technique chosen for beryllium to copper bonding (i.e., hot isostatic pressing) has been shown to meet all ITER requirements.In ITER, 440 blanket modules will completely cover the inner walls of the vacuum vessel to shield its steel structure and protect other components f


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