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MOST and CEA Hold Bilateral Nuclear Fusion Energy Cooperation Meeting in France

To push forward the ITER Project and deepen cooperation between China and France in the nuclear fusion energy field, the Ministry of Science and Technology (“MOST”) of China and the Atomic Energy Commission (“CEA”) of France successfully held a meeting on bilateral cooperation in nuclear fusion energy in France from January 12 to 13, 2017. 

The main purposes of the meeting were to strengthen China-France coordination and cooperation in the ITER Project, and to integrate research resources, streamline cooperation processes, establish more effective and long-term cooperation mechanisms, continue to raise the international image and status of both countries in the nuclear fusion field and lay a foundation for the future building of fusion experimental reactors by acting in line with their own needs for the R&D of nuclear fusion energy. The meeting deliberated and agreed on the annual work arrangements for bilateral cooperation in nuclear fusion energy, discussed matters relating the Memorandum of Understanding on Bilateral Cooperation in co-building the China-France Joint Research Center for Nuclear Fusion Energy, and reached consensus on the work plan at the next step. 

The Chinese delegation was also invited to visit the laboratories at CEA’s Nuclear Fusion Institute, WEST Tokamak device and testing equipment for some ITER procurement packages. 

Deputy Director General Sun Jian of the China International Nuclear Fusion Energy Program Execution Center (“ITER CNDA”) led the Chinese delegation to attend the meeting. The attendees also included Li Jing of the General Office, Yang Xuemei of the Department of International Cooperation, Xiao Lichun of the Department of Personnel and Ren Jiarong of the Department of Basic Research of MOST, and Zhu Yalan of ITER CNDA.