CNDA actively organizes and participates in the ITER Project related activities and management. CNDA is responsible for safeguarding China’s interests as an equal member of ITER and for performing China’s commitment to the project. CNDA will fully participate in the management and decision making of ITER project, master knowledge resulted from and intellectual properties produced during ITER project implementation, unite and cultivate a pool of science research and engineering technology talents, promote domestic nuclear fusion energy research and development, develop independent innovative capacity in nuclear fusion energy, and lay a solid foundation on the independent design and development of nuclear fusion demonstration reactor in the future.

The mission contains:

1. To comprehensively participate in the decision-making and management of ITER Project.

2. To promote bilateral cooperation and multilateral cooperation of nuclear fusion research.

3. To build and improve the implementation management mechanism of In-kind Procurement Packages assigned to China, and management systems of the outlay、schedule、quality、standard. To formulate the implementation plan.

4. To cultivate a group of scientific research personnel and engineering technology teams with steadfast determination and high-level.

5. To designedly promote the transformation/upgrade of Chinese large and medium size nuclear fusion equipments for the preparation work for ITER Project & relevant tests.

6. To digest, assimilate and master the research results of the ITER Project.