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CNDA held a ceremony marking the completion of superconducting strand manufacturing for ITER

On March 13th, 2017, CNDA held a ceremony to mark the ending of the 10 years' trek for the superconducting strand manufacturing in Xian, a capital city lying in the northwest of China. More than 100 representatives from ITER Organization, the local government, enterprises, and institutions were on the occasion to draw on the experience and celebrate the success.

CNDA undertook around 69% manufacturing task of the ITER PF conductor NbTi strand and 7.5% manufacturing task of the TF conductor Nb3Sn strand respectively. There were many unprecedentedly challengeable barriers to overcome, such as the qualification of Nb3Sn technical route overcoming the contradictory properties of Ic and Qh, the production of the massive, the low-cost NbTi alloy requesting the critical homogeneity and the assembly of thousands of filaments billet. But, relying on the R&D of critical material property and the global cooperation view, this program became a good example for promoting the innovation and development of CNDA suppliers. This uneasy program has made the CNDA superconducting strand industry grow up to the world class level.