Two batches of China's PPEN HEL components successfully arrived at Fos sur Mer Port

On January 18th, 2017, two batches of China's PPEN HEL components with their respective accessories, transported by CHIPOLROK ATLANTIC vessel, berthed at Fos sur Mer port in Marseille, France and were successfully delivered to IO's designated logistics and transport supplier, DAHER TECHNOLOGIES.

The two batches of HEL components, including two PPEN transformers manufactured by Baoding Tianwei Baobian Electric Co., Ltd and two E-houses(66 kV and 400kV) manufactured by CSG Smart Science & Technology Co., Ltd, together with their 106 packages of accessories, were separately loaded on board at Tianjin Port on November 28th, 2016 and at Shanghai Port on December 5th ,2016.

According to shipping plan of load, these two batches of goods were arranged to be transported by a heavy lift vessel, CHIPOLROK ATLANTIC, from China to Fos sur Mer port. After about 50 days voyage on the sea, vessel CHIPOLROK ATLANTIC berthed at Fos sur Mer Darse 3 Terminal on January 18th ,2017. On the next day, the two E-houses and accessories were successfully unloaded and transferred to an intermediate storage area. On 20th January, the two transformers and accessories were discharged and transferred to the storage area. Representatives from CN DA, IO, DAHER TECHNOLOGIES and the third party surveyor attended and witnessed the unloading operation process, and jointly inspected the conditions inside the two E-houses. It turned out that the inside equipment of the E-houses were in well condition and fixed in their original positions, with clear and intact marks on them. The nitrogen pressure and anti-collision tag were qualified.

These two batches of goods were successfully and safely delivered to IO's designated logistics and transport provider, DAHER TECHNOLOGIES, and there was no obvious damage of the appearance and packaging of the goods. The whole unloading process went through well and the number of packages was exactly the same as required.

In accordance with the shipping plan approved by IO and DAHER TECHNOLOGIES, the two E-houses and all the accessories will be transported to the ITER site soon. The transportation of the two transformers is scheduled in March, 2017. The transformers will be stored in an intermediate storage area at Fos sur Mer before the transportation. The whole transport task is expected to be finished on March 31st.

Fig3. transferring the accessory (oil tank)

Fig4. Intermediate storage of the transformers

Fig5. the inside condition inspection of the E-houses