·TF Conductor
TF Conductor

Introduction of ITER Coil conductor

The ITER magnet system is made up of four main sub-systems: the Toroidal Field coils, referred to as TF coils; the Central Solenoid, referred to as CS; the Poloidal Field coils, referred to as PF coils; and the Correction Coils, referred to as CC's.

Each TF coil is made up of 5 regular Double Pancakes (referred to as rDP) and 2 side Double Pancakes (referred to as sDP) and each Double Pancake is wound from a single piece length of Nb3Sn-based Cable-In-Conduit Conductor (referred to as CICC). 

The TF coil Conductor is a Cable-In-Conduit Conductor (CICC) made up of superconducting, Nb3Sn-based strands mixed with pure copper strands. The strands are assembled in a multi-stage cable around an open central spiral. The cable and its spiral are inserted inside a stainless steel jacket. 

TF conductor, which can produce magnetic field and confined plasma, is the core component, and also includes the key technology such as manufacturing superconducting wire and conductor integration. There are 4.2K(-269℃) liquid helium flowing in TF conductor, the rated current is 68kA, and maximum magnetic field strength hits 12T which is tantamount to 200,000 times of the earth magnetic field.

Fig.1 Schematic view of the TF coil(@ITER website)

PA Progress

  Significant progress
  On June, 16th , 2008, TF PA was signed by IO and CNDA.

Fig.2 Signature of TF PA(@ITER website

  And on October 23rd, 2009, CNDA and ASIPP signed the first contract of TF conductor.

Fig.3 Signature of TF qualification conductor contract(@CNDA)

  The first TF conductor ready for shipping on December 3rd, 2012.

Fig.4 ceremony for TF dummy conductor shipping(@CNDA)

Fig.5 the TF PA completion ceremony on December 18th 2015

Seven years after the first Procurement Arrangement signature, China celebrated its successful achievement & completion of the TF PA.