The objective of RPC&HF PA is to provide necessary services to enable the Design, Manufacture, Inspection, FAT, Supply, Installation, Assembly and SAT of the Reactive Power Compensation and Harmonic Filtering (hereinafter referred to as “RPC & HF”) package, The scope of this PA includes 3 units of 250 Mvar at 66 kV, 50 Hz RPC & HF systems.

ITER RPC&HF Integrated Test Bench in ASIPP

ITER RPC&HF -TCR Thyristor Valve in Test Bench

ITER RPC&HF –I&C Control and Protection system in Test Bench

PA Progress

  Significant progress:

  On 27th April, 2011, RPC&HF PA was signed by IO and CNDA: The signing of Procurement Arrangement marks an important milestone for the project, CNDA will procure the ITER's Reactive Power Compensator and Harmonic Filtering System rated at 750Mvar to stabilize the power grid and to provide required quality of the electrical power to operate ITER. It is a unique system due to its features, such as the installed power, the extreme high demands on the response time and the expected loads.

ITER DG Osamu Motojima and CNDA DDG Luo Delong, shaking hands after signing RPC&HF PA

On 21st December, 2011, CNDA and RXPE signed design and local integration contract for RPC&HF PA: Based on the conception design and review, ITER RPC&HF PA was delivered from IO to CN DA, after the PA signed on 27th April, 2011, CN DA has strictly followed the established scheduling and quality plan during the project execution, and under the instruction and support of IO, RXPE was chosen as main supplier of CNDA. 

During 19 to 21st July, 2012, preliminary design review meeting of RPC&HF PA was successfully organized: Since the execution of RPC&HF PA in China, all aspects of work have been enhanced and related design/product quality & process control has been improved continuously. Preliminary design review meeting of RPC&HF was organized successfully in July, 2012.

Between 30th July to 1st August, 2014, final design review meeting of RPC&HF PA was successfully held in Beijing:

Final Design Review Meeting is an important milestone of procurement package. After 5-day meeting and site visits, review panel experts finally drew the review conclusion that Final Design of RPC&HF met ITER procurement package requirements with adequate data, effective and reasonable design.

The success of the meeting represents strong technical strength, high R&D and management level of Chinese fusion RPC industry to ITER Organization and overseas experts and peers.

Between 27th to 28th November, 2014, manufacture readiness review of RPC&HF PA was approved successfully:

Before the formal manufacturing process start, the manufacture readiness review meeting of RPC&HF was held successfully in November, 2014. All the related equipments’ MIPs, specifications, manufacturing drawings, BOMs, Manufacturing Related QA documentations have been reviewed and approved by IO.

Between 26th July to 3rd August, 2017, CNDA and IO RO witnessed the 1st set of RPC&HF Integrated Test with AC/DC Converters in ASIPP domestic test bench:

The 1st RPC&HF integrated Test with AC/DC Converters has been completed in ASIPP domestic test bench between July 26th to August 3rd, 2017, under the witness of CNDA and IO RO. The performance result is excellent and has met with the PA’s requirements.