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E-Database of ITER Project document in CNDA in use

In order to promote CNDA’s capability for project management, and to accumulate the experience of large scientific engineering management, CNDA completed the ITER project document E-database on December 19th, 2017, which therefore has been put into official use.

Based on the needs of current stage of work, the E-database will achieve the following four main functions. First, it may provide scientific preservation and convenient access to massive engineering documents. Secondly, it will support batch upload, directory import and other rapid upload of files. Third, scientific management can be carried out according to the project management requirements, such as progress, funding, risk and other documentation data. Fourth, the top-level framework of ITER project document is established.

Starting from 2018, CNDA will save and manage all ITER project documents in batches on E-database. At the meantime, the functions of E-database will continue to be optimized and improved and the management rules will be refined, to meet the needs of the future nuclear fusion reactor construction in China.