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CNDA has completed the second nuclear safety inspection of PAs

According to the work arrangement of CNDA in 2017 and in order to further enhance the nuclear safety implementation capability of the PAs, CNDA organized the second nuclear safety inspection of the Chinese PAs under the ITER plan in May 2017.

The inspection team focused on the implementation of RCC-MR standards, supplier chain supervision, nuclear safety components and identification of nuclear safety activities, non-compliance management, implementation of nuclear safety requirements and nuclear safety culture building, etc. The improvement plan was confined and approved in consultation with the suppliers on the problems found in the inspection. The first management requirement of the ITER Organization was fully communicated with the suppliers. Judging from the inspection, the nuclear safety awareness of Chinese suppliers is further enhanced than that of 2016. Some suppliers have been able to independently conduct training work on French nuclear facilities regulations, and their understanding of the requirements of nuclear safety work has also been improved. Nuclear safety documents are complete and implemented in place. Based, the nuclear safety requirement analysis, there is still much potential for the nuclear safety culture construction to perfect and improvement.