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ITER Organization Completes the Sixth External Quality Audit of ITER China Domestic Agency

ITER conducted its sixth external quality audit of China from May 9 to 17, 2017. External audit is a major method for ITER to assess the management of ITER project. This review mainly covers the implementation of the four procurement arrangements agreements for the China, e.g., Feeder System, Magnet Support, Polar Field Conductors and the First Wall. The review mainly includes the application of the China quality management system to the procurement package and the supplier supervision of the procurement package.

After a one-week review, the audit team commented that ITER China team’s quality management system is full in content, effective in implementation, in line with the organizational management and quality requirements of ITER, In addition to the construction of the China engineering document database and the supervision of the suppliers, Supplier quality audit and other procurement package process control work are to be highly recognized. The audit did not raise major issues affecting the progress of the ITER program, instead it raised 4 praise items and 21 other general problems or related improvement recommendations. CNDA has carried out timely improvement work in response to the relevant recommendations.

In recent years, CNDA, driven by the ITER Organization audit, has thoroughly implemented the requirements of the quality management system and carried out in-depth quality management system. The establishment of long-term management mechanism of procurement package and the strengthening of management team capacity building has been the core work for CNDA. Each work has yielded remarkable results, which has been affirmed by ITER Organizations and industries. In the future, CNDA will continue to improve and innovate the engineering management mechanism with the aim to tamping the existing work, actively promote the scientific, standardized and long-term management of the ITER project, CNDA will continue to build the international first-class engineering and project management professional institutions.

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