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Nuclear Fusion Center Holds ITER Project China Suppliers External Quality Audit Service Contract Acceptance Meeting

On June 21, 2018, Nuclear Fusion Center organized an acceptance meeting of external quality audit Service contract for China supplier in ITER Program. At the meeting, Xingyuan Certification Center Limited Company (Xingyuan Company) reported to the contract acceptance group on 2015-2017 external audit service contract implement, and combined with the audit situation, made an overall evaluation and comparative analysis of nearly 30 major Chinese ITER project product suppliers. The acceptance team believes that Xingyuan attached great importance to ITER project, actively allocated human.

resources during the execution of contract, conscientiously carries out demand investigation, plan formulation, process supervision, problem tracking and verification, and other work before and after the quality audit, such as file arrangement, etc. overfull filled the audit task stipulated in the contract (290.5 on-site auditor days and 293.5 on-site examiners days). On the basis of assisting CNDA and the problems in quality audit, the company has organized three quality assurance training and exchanges. The company has been able to actively select relevant experts to teach and revise teaching materials with Center for many times. During the activities, it has focused on strengthening the interaction and exchanges among the students. Trainees questionnaire evaluation results in the past all praised highly to quality assurance training and exchanges. 

It is an important measure for Nuclear Fusion Center to carry out the Chinese ITER project quality assurance system and strengthen Chinese procurement execution process supervision. Since 2011, Nuclear Fusion Center and Nuclear Industry Group Company have strengthened quality management cooperation, concentrated on deploying outstanding quality management experts in Chinese nuclear industry, and continuously evaluated and examined Chinese ITER project procurement supplier executive ability. More than 3000 problems have been found and corrected over the years, which has pushed forward Chinese procurement process management in ITER project, and has been highly acknowledged  by ITER organization and parties.

The meeting is a summary and evaluation of the quality audit work in 2015-2017. Nuclear Fusion Center will continue to accumulate experience and listen to the opinions and suggestions of all parties in its later work. Continue to carry out quality audit and other international professional engineering management tools to ensure the smooth implementation of ITER program.