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CNDA Assists ASIPP in Diagnostic PA Internal Quality Audit

According to the requirement of diagnostic PA quality management at the Institute of Plasma Physics, Chinese Academy of Sciences (ASIPP,CAS), and to further enhance communication and collaboration between ITER China Domestic Agency (CNDA) and ASIPP, CNDA dispatched quality assurance personnel to Hefei on June 6th to assist ASIPP to carry out diagnostic procurement (Level 12 diagnostic window integration and soft X ray camera) internal quality audit.

During their stay, the internal audit team reviewed six aspects on the procurement, i.e., design control, management responsibilities, quality planning and other documents control and execution, records control, progress control and information communication according to the procurement contracts、ASIPP quality management system documents and ITER organization quality management requirements. According to the review results, the internal audit team has put forward more than 20 targeted quality issues, focused on three aspects: design review, design change and staffing. In addition, in combination with internal audit result, the quality assurance officer from CNDA communicated with the procurement officer on the requirements of ITER quality management, the special requirements of the two procurements and the key points of quality review, etc.

This internal audit was scheduled at the early stage of the design of diagnostic procurement. Through the examination, the diagnostic procurement officer strengthened their understanding and recognition of the quality management requirements of ITER project, clarified the thinking of procurement quality management, and laid the foundation for ASIPP diagnostic procurement work for its further smooth development.