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China's PA

From 21 to 22 April, CNDA organized a technical meeting on the "Equipment Service and Maintenance" for ITER project China’s PA in Hefei. Nearly 60 representatives from Institute of Plasma Physics Chinese Academy Sciences (ASIPP, CAS), Southwest Institute of Physics, Guizhou Aerospace Xinli Casting and Forging Co., Ltd, Montnets Rongxin Technology Group CO., LTD and other china’s PA officer attended the meeting. Sun Jian, deputy head of domestic agency (CNDA), and Wu Xinchao, deputy head of Institute of Plasma Physics Chinese Academy Sciences attended and addressed the meeting.

The meeting invited the equipment management experts of Shaanxi Uranium Enrichment Co., Ltd. to introduce in detail the equipment service and maintenance, traditional management drawbacks, equipment inspection, special equipment management requirements, etc. In the exchange of topics, ASSIP officer introduced equipment management experience in power supply procurement arrangement, and Guizhou Aerospace Xinli casting and forging Co., Ltd. Officers share their valuable ITER work experience in enterprise equipment management and on-spot maintenance, equipment operators’ daily training and equipment management system establishment and improvement, etc. In order to further enhance their understandings of service and maintenance on ITER equipment, the meeting especially arranged a visit for the supplier representatives to Hefei Keye Electric Physics equipment Manufacturing Co., Ltd machining workshop and ASIPP Power Test Hall.

After two days of learning and exchange, the suppliers acquired better understood of the equipment service and maintenance procedures, and other relevant knowledge, they will strengthen the management of ITER related equipment during contract implementation in the future, and keep equipment service and maintenance as an important quality management content.