·Quality Management System
CNDA Fully Launches Supplier External Quality Audit In 2016-2017

In order to strengthen ITER project process management and to ensure suppliers fully understanding of ITER project management requirements, CNDA signed the "2016-2017 ITER Project External Quality Audit Commission Service Contract" in October 2015 with Xing Yuan Certification Center Limited Company, a subsidiary of China Nuclear Industry Group Corporation (CNIC).

According to the contract, Xing Yuan Certification Center Limited Company will assist CNDA in appointing more than 20 quality management experts from the nuclear industry, use nearly 400 working person days, to conduct a second round of quality audits on 23 major domestic suppliers’ procurement contracts. 

BACKGROUND: Since 2011, CNDA has conducted annual external quality audit on major procurement suppliers. Up to now, nearly 600 nonconformities have been identified and rectified through the audits, the suppliers’ quality management level has been improved greatly, also meet the ITER project quality management. At the meantime, the quality management leaders or senior experts from the nuclear industry, such as the China Institute of Atomic Energy, have participated in ITER project management through external quality audit.