Some technical characteristics of PPEN components were found

The PPEN design isexecuted by EUDA with EU and French law and habit, which is more different withthat in China, especially for production type of manufacturer scope.

The standard used inmanufacture and test is more different between EU manufacture and Chinamanufacture. EU mainly comply with the IEC and NFC and China mainly comply withthe GB (only some is quoted from IEC) and China domestic industry standard.

PPEN Components andmaterials are actually include 3 substation with 400kV/66kV/22kV voltage.

PPEN design the 400kV& 66kV in AIS technology and 22kV in GIS technology, which just reversedwith the China development.

The experience ofmanufacture is definitely different between China an EU, China manufacturerhave less experience in EU projects.

PPEN substation controland relay protection systems is very complex in both IEC61850 and Tokomakoperation strategy。

The materials andinstallation is assigned China and EU, which make the responsibilities complex.

PPEN have complex interface with other ITER systems,include RTE/SSEN/Converter/ H&CD/CODAC/Foundation etc. which make the workcomplex.