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Success of the prototype of ITER PF Rectifier Transformer

From February 25th to 28th, 2014, the prototype of ITER PF rectifier transformer fabricated by Xi’an Transformer Co. Ltd, China XD Group has passed all the electrical tests and inspection of hanging core after short-circuit testing with the witness of representatives of IO, CNDA, ASIPP and XD in Xi’an. This is a great success for R&D of the PF rectifier transformer prototype has achieved a great success.


The rectifier transformer is the key prototype component of ITER PF converter package. With the assistance of ASIPP, CNDA issued the technical requirements for the fabrication and testing of the prototype according to the PA Annex B in August, 2012, and awarded the contract to XD group in December, 2012. Whereafter, XD Group finished the manufacturing design review in April, 2013, then completed the fabrication of the prototype the end of 2013, and accomplished all the tests with witness of the representatives from IO, CNDA, ASIPP and XD Group from the end of 2013 to February, 2014.


As one of the key components of PF converter power supply and in order to meet the fault suppression capacity (FSC) requirements, an agreement was reached among IO, CNDA, ASIPP and XD Group that short-circuit test (the peak is 350kA, and the highest peak is 382kA) would be applied to each phase of the transformer three times. Finally the prototype passed the severe test successfully. (According to the 13 years’ statistics of KEMA, in transformer sudden short-circuit tests, 28% failed initially). Which shows that the transformer prototype has high reliability and strong withstanding short circuit ability.


The success of ITER PF rectifier transformer fabrication further consolidates and enhances the influence of Chinese enterprise in the international market, and the important position of Chinese components in ITER project. What is more, it represents joint efforts made by IO, CNDA, ASIPP and XD Group for ITER project.


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Fig.1 Transformer prepared for the short circuit test


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Fig.2 Transformer out of tank for inspection