·Magnet Support
Magnet Support

Introduction of ITER Magnet Supports PA

Magnet Supports (PA No.: 1.1.P2C.CN.01) as a part of the ITER magnet system is one of the 20 procurement packages undertaken by China. The total value of the Items is 22.86 kIUA.

The Magnet Supports is composed of 18 Gravity Supports that support the 18 Toroidal Field Coils (TFC), referred to as GS; 5 sets of Poloidal Field Coil Supports that support the 6 Poloidal Field Coils (PFC), referred to as PFCS; and 18 sets of Correction Coil Supports that support the 18 Correction Coils (CC), referred to as CCS.

PA Finalization and Signature

The 1.1.P2C.CN.01 Magnet Supports PA has been reached finalization version after months’ negotiation on April 15th 2010 and has been official signed on May 11st 2010 at Cadarache.

PA Progress

  Qualification phase progress

  For the qualification work, exclusive experiment devices for Magnet Supports after design review have been manufactured, assembled and commissioned. Including the 1000 ton tensile test machine, 10 ton 4K material multidimensional wear test machine, 10 ton 4K/77K material multi-sample tensile test machine, 200 ton 4K bolt fatigue test machine, GS mock-up multidimensional load test platform, etc.

  Manufacture phase progress

  After successful completion of qualification phase, the first sets of GS, PFCS, and CCS All PFCS-5 (18 sets in total) announced its completion in June, 2018 and will soon be delivered to ITER site.