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CNDA Delivered the First HEL of ITER Project

The High Voltage Intelligent Main Transformer Supplying Pulse Power

The First HEL is delivered by China Since Implementing the ITER Project

At 8:30 on April 17th 2016, the ship freighting the first main transformer of PPEN headed for ITER site in France, slowly leaving the Tianjin Portside Wharf, which marks that the first HEL(Highly Exceptional Loads)is delivered by CNDA for ITER Project.

According to the ITER overall design requirements, the first main transformer of PPEN is high voltage intelligent main transformer with 400KV and 300MVA, with the main function to provide required pulse power for Magnet system, auxiliary heating system and other load subsystems, based on the operational mode of Tokamak device.

The main transformer is produced by Baoding Tianwei Baobian Electric Co.Ltd, with the size of 13.5m*4.0m*4.7 m, the dead weight of 278 tones and its accessories of 251 tones. It was fabricated on March 2015, through winding coils processing, body assembly, general assembly and other processes. The main transformer passed the FAT through one-time test on October 2015, and the delivery ready review was finished on January 2016. The main transformer satisfies all the factory terms.

Since the implementation of ITER Project, the main transformer has been the first HEL delivered by CNDA. The total weight of bridge framework combined vehicle in land transport reaches 377 tones, and its height reaches 5.03 meters. On April 8th 2016, COSCO, which is a Logistics Company in China, adopted bridge framework combined vehicle to deliver the main transformer to Tianjin Portside Wharf from Baoding, Hebei Province. It arrived at Tianjin Portside Wharf successfully on April 11th.

With the well organization and close collaboration of IO, F4E, CNDA, Daher, COSCO, and Baoding Tianwei, etc. the transportation of the first main transformer of PPEN has been safe and efficient. It not only lays a solid foundation for the component delivery to ITER, but also accumulates precious experience for the transportation of HEL of ITER Project in the near future.

It is learned that the first HEL of China will reach the FOS, France in early June, 2016.