·Feeder & CL
Feeder & CL

Introduction to Feeders

  The feeders are the life-lines to the ITER magnet systems that convey and regulate the cryogenic liquids to cool and control their temperature. They connect the magnets to their power supply. They hold the numerous instrumentation channels needed to operate and monitor the functioning of the coil system. The ITER feeder system consists of 31 units, each ~50 ton, ~30-40 m long, distributed around the Tokamak. As one of the most complicated and challenging system in ITER machine, it also contains multiple interfaces: to the coils and cryostat on the inboard side; to the cryo-, power-supply-, vacuum-, water-cooling, control-interlock-systems and building services on the other side. All of the 31 units Feeder will be procured by CNDA.

  Since the signature of the Procurement Arrangement between CNDA and IO in the early 2011, all the qualification tasks (more than 10), including HTSCL, Joint, CTB, ICF, CFT, etc, have been successfully achieved with the domestic joint efforts from many fields. And the series production has started since 2016.


a.  The prototype of the TF HTSCL is successfully qualified in 2015

b.  The first Manufacture Readiness Assessment for Feeder was successfully held in 2015

c.  In 2017, the first components for ITER magnets system is delivered to ITER site on time

Layout of the ITER Feeder system

The prototype of TF HTSCL

The MRA event for the Feeder CFT

The PF4 CFT to be ready for shipment

The ceremony for the completion of PF4 CFT