·Correction Coil
Correction Coil

Introduction to ITER Correction Coils

18 multi-turn correction coils (CCs) are used to compensate field errors arising from misalignment of the coils and winding deviations from the nominal shape as a result of fabrication tolerances, joints, leads, busbars and assembly tolerances.There are 6 top CCs (TCC), 6 bottom CCs (BCC), and 6 side CCs (SCC), arranged toroidally around the machine inside the PF coils and mounted on the TF coils. All of the 18 CCs will be fabricated and delivered to IO as in-kind contribution from China.

Since the signature of Procurement Arrangement between IO and CNDA in 2010, all the qualification work, including winding, helium in/outlet, VPI and enclosure welding, etc, has been qualified with the domestic joint efforts. And the series production for the BCCs is ongoing as planned.

The enclosure welding for BCC case was successfully qualified in 2018.

The layout of the ITER CCs


The enclosure welding of BCC case prototype

The winding packs for BCC products

The VPI insulated BCC winding packs