·Correction Coil
CC conductors Final Delivery

On December 1st, the last batch of CC conductors was successfully delivered to CC coils group at Hefei, which marked China’s completion of all CC conductors production. It is another important milestone achieved by ITER China.

Eighteen multi-turn correction coils (CCs) are used to compensate field errors arising from misalignment of the coils and winding deviations from the nominal shape as a result of fabrication tolerances, joints, leads, bus bars and assembly tolerances. There are 6 Top CCs (TCC), 6 Bottom CCs (BCC), and 6 Side CCs (SCC) placed around the machine inside the PF coils.

The task of Correction Coil Conductors belongs to CC& Feeder Conductor Procurement Arrangement signed in 2010 by IO and ITER China. ITER China contributes 20 CC conductors, two of which are qualification conductors. Total length is about 11.5 km. With the support and close cooperation between ITER Organization, CNDA and ASIPP, the first CC conductor sample (CCCN2) passed SULTAN facility test in August 2011. From then on, the CC conductors have been produced and delivered to IO step by step according to ITER strict quality assurance and quality control requirements. All CC conductors have passed the acceptance test and exhibited good and stable performance.

ASIPP, as the assembly supplier, performed the cabling, jacket examinations and jacketing. The NbTi strands were produced by WST.  Therefore, ITER China will used those CC conductors to fabricate all the Correction Coils in later years.


CC Conductor (Left: Conductor cross section; Right: completed final CC conductor)


Witness of CC Conductor Final Delivery