·China-ITER Organization
China-ITER Organization Introduction

Vice-minister, Jianlin CAO of the Ministry of Science and technology (Hereinafter referred to as MOST) signed Memorandum of Understanding on S&T Cooperation with prof. Osamu MOTOJIMA, Director-General of the ITER International Fusion Energy Organization (Hereinafter referred to as “the ITER Organization”) on 13th August, 2012,Considering that the ITER Organization and MOST have recognized the mutual benefits that could be obtained from scientific and technological cooperation. Especially for the successful implementation of ITER project and the need for a new, safe, environmental friendly energy for mankind

Both Parties agree on conducting proactive exploration of cooperation in compliance with the ITER Agreement in the following fields:

Exchange of and training of scientists, engineers, specialists, administrators and project managers with regard to mega science project for agreed periods of time;

Organization of seminars, workshops and other meetings to discuss and exchange information on agreed topics and to identify cooperative activities which may be usefully undertaken;

Exchange of information and data on scientific and technical activities, developments, practices and results of agreed areas, taking into account the Intellectual Property rules of the ITER project;

Other specific forms of cooperation as mutually agreed by the Parties in writing.

Dr. LUO Delong, Head of ITER CN DA, assumes the contacting points from MOST, while Dr. JIN Ju, Head of Bureau of International Cooperation and DDG for the Department of Administration, assumes the counterpart in the ITER organization.

The first meeting under MOU will be held in 2013, ten years when China joined ITER from its very beginningof negotiation.