·China-ITER Organization
DG visit to CHINA in April 2016

April 3 to 5, 2016, Mr. Bernard Bigot, Director-General of the ITER Organization, visited the Ministry of Science and Technology (MOST) of the P.R. China and ASIPP of the Chinese Academy of Sciences.

During his visit to MOST, Mr. Bigot met with Mr. Yin Hejun, the newly appointed Vice Minister (since December, 2015), and exchanged views on a wide range of issues to be addressed at the current stage of the ITER Project, including schedule, cost, independent review group, and the up-coming Council meetings. Vice Minister Yin expressed warm welcome to Mr. Bigot for his visit and sincerely commended his endeavors undertaken after he took office as Director-General in January, 2015. VM Yin stressed the importance of the ITER Project for China, saying that the Chinese government and MOST are placing great emphasis on the project and will join hands with other participating countries to advance the project, strengthen cooperation and make concerted efforts towards the shared objectives. 

Mr. Bigot thanked VM Yin for his strong support to him and to the ITER project, saying that he agreed on China’s position and views on key issues. He hoped that China will continue to offer suggestions to advance the ITER project and expedite the implementation.

Mr. Chen Futao, Counselor of the Department of Basic Research, Mr. Chen Linhao, Deputy Director-General of the Department of International Cooperation, Mr. Luo Delong, Head of CNDA, Mr. Sun Jian, Deputy Head of CNDA, and staff at CNDA attended the meeting.

Before his meeting with VM Yin, Mr. Bigot visited CNDA and gave a brief presentation themed with “the ITER Project—moving forward at full speed”, and was well received by CNDA staff. Upon arrival in Beijing, Mr. Bigot paid a quick visit to the ITER CHINA Booth at the China International Nuclear Exhibition (NIC). Mr. Bigot appraised highly of CNDA’s preparation work for NIC and was impressed by the scale and size of the exhibition. Started in 1989 with the direct support of the Chinese government, NIC is the first nuclear exhibition and is by far the most influential one of its kind. The NIC has provided a significant platform for the exchange of Chinese and foreign nuclear power technology. Meanwhile, it offers a favorable opportunity for the fusion community development and publicity of ITER project.

During his visit to ASIPP, Mr. Bigot met with Professor WAN Baonian, Director of ASIPP and conducted in-depth discussion with representatives present at the meeting. Director WAN briefed Mr. Bigot on the history and research work achieved by ASIPP, with special focus on its latest progress with ITER Procurement Arrangements. Mr. Bigot was much impressed by the work done and appreciated all the efforts made jointly by DA and ASIPP. He addressed the concerns raised by ASIPP and reassured that the ITER Organization would work to its full capacity to resolve the remaining issues with the hand-over and storage of components to be shipped to site.

After the meeting, Mr. Bigot visited the EAST machine, the manufacturing workshops at ASIPP and the joint workshop particularly designed and established for PF6. Vice Director/Professor FU Peng, Academician/Professor WAN Yuanxi and PA ROs participated in the meeting.

The 20th Pacific Basin Nuclear Conference was grandly held between April 6 to 8 2016, in Beijing. Due to schedule conflict, Mr. Bigot was unable to participate in person, a keynote speech was then given by video to all the representatives.