·China-ITER Organization
Busy days in China

  During a recent visit to China, ITER Director-General Osamu Motojima met with high-level representatives of the Chinese government and had the opportunity to visit some of the factories where fabrication is underway on components within the Chinese scope.

  On March 5, 2014, Vice Minister Jianlin Cao of MOST, head of the Chinese delegation to the ITER Council, received the Director-General and Dr. Ju Jin (ITER Deputy Director-General), Ms. Sachiko Ishizaka (Secretary to the ITER Council), and members of the Project Control Division for an exchange of views on recent developments in the ITER Project. The following day, the ITER Director-General visited the headquarters of China National Nuclear Corporation in Beijing, meeting with Chief Engineer Zengguang Lei and ITER Management Advisory Committee (MAC) Chair Jiashu Tian.

  During his three-day stay, he was also paid visits to Western Superconducting Technologies in Xi'an, who’s responsible for the manufacturing of ITER superconducting strand, and Nantong Shenhai Science and Industrial Technology, responsible for the surface-plating of ITER niobium-tin and niobium-titanium superconducting strands.