·CC&Feeder Conductor
CC&Feeder Conductor

Introduction to CC&Feeder conductor

  The Procurement Arrangement of the CC&Feeder conductor is aims at the supply of NbTi based CICC super-conductors for the fabrication of CC and Feeder system. There are total 29 unit lengthen with 3 different types. And all of them will be procured by CNDA.

  From 2010 to 2015, CN has gradually qualified the critical tasks, including NbTi strands, cabling, jacketing, insertion and compaction. And all of the 29 unit lengths have been successfully integrated and accepted by IO.

The cross-section structure of the ITER CC&Feeder conductor 


All the fabrication and delivery of CC&Feeder conductors was successfully achieved by CN DA in 2016

The delivery of the last UL for CC&Feeder conductor