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Success of Long Time Steady-state Operation Test for PF Converter

ITER poloidal field converters package took a step forward again at the beginning of Feb., 2015, with the successful long time steady-state operation testing of the PF AC/DC converter unit prototype at the Institute of Plasma Physics, Chinese Academy of Sciences (ASIPP). China is responsible for procuring all 14 poloidal field converters that will provide controllable current/voltage to six poloidal field coils of ITER.


The long time steady-state operation test of the PF converter unit, with rated continuous current, voltage and four-quadrant operation was launched from 5 Feb., after three days and three nights, that is about 72 hours, the test was completed successfully until 8 Feb. As expected, the poloidal field AC/DC converter unit (PFCU) prototype demonstrated good stability and reliability performance throughout the test.


After completing the improvement of the PFCU, the integration test of the PFCU was carried out again, including the circulating current test, the parallel operation test, the rated current test, the voltage response test, 4-quadrant operation test and etc. In order to check and find whether there are any potential problems and risks for the different subsystems during long time steady state operation of the PFCU, so the long time steady-state operation test is very necessary to be done.


After several days’ preparation work and the entire monitoring work during the test, the PF converter system shows excellent performance with unprecedented stability and reliability, and successfully accomplished the long time continuous steady state operation test.


The success of this test will provide the data for the manufacture readiness review as well as experience for future batch production.


ITER PF converter under long time steady-state operation test in ASIPP site


ITER 80 Mvar RPC& HF system combined operation with ITER PF Converter