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The Final Design Review Meeting of ITER PF AC/DC Converter Held Successfully in Beijing


The Final Design Review (FDR) meeting of ITER PF AC/DC converter was held in Beijing from September 23 to 25,2014.


The review panel consist of 14 experts, among which 11 representatives were from the ITER Organization and EU. At the meeting, Chinese engineers gave reports on PF converter system analysis, components design, manufacture, RAMI analysis, installation layout design, test procedure design, and test results .etc. The review panel listened carefully and discussed the detailed design with the engineers. They expressed their appreciation for the work during the final design phase, and PF AC/DC converter final design was approved by experts group without category 1 CHITS.


The PF AC/DC Converter, with high test requirements, is the biggest ITER procurement package undertaken by China, and also the first one to be designed, manufactured, tested and integrated in China. After completing the preliminary design review in July 2012, the working team had devoted themselves to the final design. By July 2014, The test platforms have been built, the design has been finished,so were the manufacture of PF converter prototype, and all tests on PF converter, including 81 type tests, 66 routine tests, with the peak current at 430kA completed.


With the completion of the above work, all members of PF converter department worked together and prepared more than 50 reports after many discussions and multiple revisions. Three internal pre-review meetings have been organized to prepare for this FDR meeting.


According to the current plan, the chinese team will complete the first set of PF AC/DC Converter manufacture and all kinds of test, and then deliver it to ITER site next year.




Group photo of ITER PF AC/DC Converters PA FDR participants





ITER PF AC/DC Converters PA FDR meeting