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New Great Progress for ITER's Poloidal Field Converter

Good news comes from CNDA, at Institute of Plasma Physics, Chinese Academy of Sciences (ASIPP). With a satisfying result, the integrated test of ITER Poloidal Field (PF ) AC/DC Converter Unit (PFCU) prototype has been achieved successfully. It is a new great progress of ITER power supply implementation.


The integrated test was completed on May 9, 2014, witnessed by Technical staffs from ITER organization, CNDA and manufacturers. As expected, ITER PFCU demonstrated good performance during the whole stringent test.


The PFCU prototype is composed of AC disconnector, rectifier transformers, converter module, external bypass, DC disconnectors, DC reactors, local controller, etc. with a rated capacity of 80MVA and a rated current of 55 kA. By the end of 2013, ASIPP completed all component tests of PF converter unit, which included 31 items of routine, type and special tests.


The purpose of the integrated test is to verify whether all the components, as well as their installation and assembly meet the system requirements,and realize different operating modes when the input voltage is AC 66 kV, and the output current and voltage vary according to actual requirements of future TOKAMAK tests. This test is a test combination, mainly including circulating current test, parallel operation test, rated current test, voltage response test, 4-quadrant operation test and so on.


The success of integrated test will provide data for final design review, and experience for future batch production.


E:ITERFinal DesignPrototype TestIntegration TestTest PhotosPicture for PF Converter Prototype at  ASIPPDSCF9098.JPG


The test plate and prototype in ASIPP