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PDR meeting of PF AC/DC Converter PA was organized successfully

During 16-18th July2012, preliminary design review meeting of PF AC/DC Converter PA was organizedsuccessfully: Since the execution of PF AC/DC Converter PA in China, all aspects ofwork has been enhanced and related design/product quality&process control hasbeen improved continuously.Preliminary design review meetingof PF ac/dcconverter was organized successfully in July 2012.


The preliminary design as follows were reviewed by experts: Design & Modeling of PF Converter, System Control &Design, Converter Transformer, dc reactor and dummy load, system analysis, Building and converter layout, busbars and AC/DC Disconnectors, FAT procedures, interfaces, quality classification, and RAMI analysis. After the chits of PDR meeting resolved in September 2012, the preliminary design was approved by IO.